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Cleaning Tips
About JIB
Here are some basic tips for the care and maintenance of your firearm. While some people have preferred techniques for cleaning their firearms, this is the method we at JIB would recommend, in order to maintain the condition of both your firearm and your cleaning products.
Remember that you need to clean ALL oil residue from the barrel prior to shooting. This is achieved by passing through a small amount of JIB flannel / patches either by pushing or pulling using a JIB Jag or JIB Loop attachment accordingly, until the flannel comes out clean. Keep turning over the flannel / patch or use a new piece to ensure it starts in the barrel clean. Do so until all the oil residue is removed from the barrel. 

Apply JIB Gun Cleaning Solvent by placing either a JIB Wool Mop or JIB Flannel / Patch in solvent, then running down the inside of the barrel leaving the solvent for a few minutes to breakdown any build-up. After leaving for a few minutes, attach the JIB Bristle Brush to the JIB Rod and start scrubbing the barrel (use the JIB Bronze Brush if the barrel has a heavier build-up due to a larger number of shots being fired). When scrubbing, make sure you push the brush all the way through the barrel to the other end and then pull back. Repeat this step a number of times until the barrel is completely free of powder residue build-up. Once this is done, use a clean piece of JIB Flannel / Patch either by pushing or pulling using the JIB Jag or JIB Loop attachment accordingly, until the Flannel it comes out clean. (Keep turning over the piece of Flannel / Patch or use a new piece to ensure that it always starts in the barrel clean). Once the Flannel / Patch appears to be coming out clean after each use, stop this procedure. Now use a clean piece of JIB Flannel / Patch in the JIB Loop attachment and apply a light coating of JIB Gun Oil down the barrel in order to protect your firearm until it required again.

Please ensure that you clean your firearm every time it is used. A lot of people donít realise that a clean firearm leads to a more accurate shot, therefore better a group when firing your firearm!

If you follow these basic steps you should experience no problems due to an unclean firearm !

Thank You and Good Shooting!

Ben Henry
Operations Manager
JIB Gun Accessories Australia


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