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use of spreadsheet in maths

fantastic maths site

th maths teacher toolkit

place order

ordering for size

fantastic cardinal number/mouse skills game

coloured beadpatterns

woodlands school maths games


fantastic online addition demonstration

multiplication with regrouping demonstration

create a graph

analogue clock

big count count on by different increments

counters on a hundreds chart

addition with regrouping demonstration interactive


Lesson Starters - things to start the Numeracy Hour with. Excellent! 

Spreadsheet Animations 

Promoting responsibility in learning 
(My favorite is, "Give me five"--raising my hand with five fingers apart representing two ears listening, two eyes watching, and one mouth closed.) 

fantastic addit up

fantastic protractor site

test the toad algorithms

online geoboards - describes activities using interactive geoboards to help students identify simple geometric shapes, describe their properties, and 
develop spatial sense. A virtual geoboard is available for constructing triangles and polygons.

online tangrams

exploring geometric solids - Recolour, move, re-size and
investigate the solids

equal arm balance

complete the pattern

COunt Me In ABC games

count us in index including volume games

java maths games

making patdhes

dress teddy - Bobbie Bear is planning a vacation and wants to 
know how many outfits can be made using different colored 
shirts and pants

the number monster


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